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About Phil Craven

author of the articles on this site
and creator of the popular PageRank Calculator

In the early 1980s I bought my first home computer (an Oric-1) with the intention of learning computer programming. After learning to program in Basic, I learned to do it in machine code and, after that, I took the computer apart, drew its circuit from the printed circuit board and learned how it all worked. I even improved the machine's memory capability by altering its circuit and adding a chip. I've been involved in computers, both professionally and as a hobby, ever since - apart from a few years when, for the second time in my life, I was a professional singer but, even then, I used a PC on-stage with my own Basic / machine code hybrid programs to play my backings.

In spite of my keen interest in computers, I came to the Internet quite late - 1998, when I'd grown tired of singing. After creating my first website (UK holidays), I submitted it to AltaVista and, in the submission process, I found a banner ad for WebPosition Gold. I downloaded the free trial and by using the program with immediate success, I not only learned that search engine rankings could be improved but how to improve them as well, and I've been involved in search engine optimization ever since. That first website is still going strong and making me plenty of money :-)

Because of my occasional involvement in SEO forums and because of this website, I've become quite well-known in the world of webmasters and search engine optimization. I am known as someone who thinks independently and not a person who accepts what others say just because they say it. A read through this site will make that clear. Because I am seen as a person with firm and well thought out opinions, my views have been sought by various online and offline publications, such as The Wall Street Journal - which I find very flattering.

I live in Yorkshire in the UK.

In December 2006, a family member introduced me to Second Life - an online 3-D world - in which I became completely immersed. As a result I wound down my seo work and soon I had stopped doing it altogether, which is why the articles in this site were written some years ago. It doesn't mean that they are no longer valid, though - they are still valid. I was astonished to find that I could make serious money in Second Life without doing very much for it - it's even easier than singing for a living :-) The Second Life search system uses the Google Search Appliance (GSA) so I've been right at home optimising my stuff there for top rankings.

About Phil Craven
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