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Google's PageRank Explained
PageRank explained, and how you can make the most of it as a search engine optimization technique to improve your website's PageRank. Includes practical examples.
Google's "Big Daddy" Update
In early 2006, Google rolled out their "Big Daddy" update, which caused the pages of many sites to disappear from the index. This article explains why the pages disappeared, and what can be done about it.

The Madness of King Google
What's wrong with Google indexing decent pages, just because they are there? Isn't it what a search engine is supposed to do? Isn't it what Google's users expect and trust it to do? But it isn't what Google is doing. more...
Google and inbound links ( IBLs )
Why are inbound links so powerful for ranking well in Google? This article explains the technical reasons behind it.
Google vs SEO
Is Google attempting to scare people away from search engine optimization?
Why Google should embrace the Search Engine Optimization industry
Google and search engine optimizers are seeking the same goals, so why does Google alienate the industry instead of embracing it?
Google FAQ for webmasters
"Why has my PageRank gone down?", "Why have my pages disappeared from the rankings?", "Why do lower PageRank pages beat mine?" and other common Google-related questions.
Google's "Florida" Update
On Nov 16th 2003, Google turned search engine optimization on its head by changing the way that they produce the search results. The change caused many thousands of pages to be dropped from the rankings, with disastrous results for many websites. A number of theories have emerged as to exactly what Google changed. This article summarizes them, and then explains what really happened.
Google Dance
An explanation of the Google Dance, and how to check new rankings and new PageRank during it.
Google's Fresh Crawl
Explanation of Google's Fresh Crawl and how new pages are dealt with.
Google and Themes
What are themes, and how can they help with rankings?


Search Engine
Optimization Articles

Inbound links, link exchanges, etc.
This article explains why inbound links are so important for search engine optimization and rankings, and provides ideas on how to get them.
Auto-Redirecting Methods
A number of different auto-redirecting methods with practical examples.
Doorway Pages and Links
Before Google's link-based PageRank came onto the scene, doorway pages were the most effective of the search engine optimization (seo) techniques. But with links now playing such a big role in rankings, are they as effective as they used to be?
Ethical search engine optimization exposed!
Read the facts about so-called 'ethical' search engine optimization, including an eye-opening example of when one of its leading advocates fails.
Search engine optimization basics
For many sites, all that is needed to achieve top search engine rankings is a bit of d.i.y. search engine optimization. This article shows how simple the basics really are - it may be the only search engine optimization you'll need.
SEO Copywriting
(aka search engine optimization copywriting) This is quite an expensive and restricting method of search engine optimization. The article explains what SEO Copywriting is, and discusses the method's strengths and weaknesses.
Search engine optimization spam?
Some search engine optimization techniques are called spam, even by top seo specialists. But are they really spam? Check out the facts about cloaking, auto-redirecting and doorway pages in this series of articles.

Overview Auto-redirecting
Cloaking Doorway pages

Other Articles

WebProWorld are Spammers
Unsolicited bulk email is spam, and everybody hates it, except the spammers. But is it unsolicited email if you have been tricked into opting in for something without ever knowing about it? This article reveals WebProWorld's (iEntry) underhanded methods of building their email lists.
Website hosting scams
Rogue hosts that alter their customers' webpages for their own search engine gains are rare, but they do exist, and it could be happening to your site. This article uses an actual case to describe how it is done without the customer's knowledge, and explains how to spot it.
"AdSense Ready Websites" scams
There are plenty of AdSense Ready Websites offers, but they are all scams in one way or another. This article explains why they should be avoided.
Google AdSense: the good, the bad and the downright ugly!
Google's AdSense system is excellent, but there are some darker sides to it. This article describes it all.
Domain Names
Explanation of why it is important to choose the right domain name for the purpose of the website.
About DMOZ (the ODP)
The rewards for being listed in DMOZ can be good, but getting listed can take a very long time. This article explains why, and why you may be the one who caused some of the delay.
DMOZ in 2005
Is DMOZ still relevant in today's Web, and how does it measure up to its stated aims and goals?

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